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Default Father's Day event thing.


A S B F A T H E R ' S D A Y E V E N T 2 0 1 1


-banner credit to Dino-

The ASB is hosting yet another event dedicated to one of the people who created you---your daddy. <3 As with the Mother's day event, this will be an AIM event. Post your AIM screen name, your time zone in GMT format, and what times work best for you and we'll see what we can scrap together!

We also need a banner! The person who makes the winning banner will receive $15. :D PM your entries to 3m0d0ll and/or Paperfairy by June 17th.
-> Name: JeneeXxX
-> Timezone: GMT: -8
-> Times available: Probably from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. or so.
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