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Default Re: Tides of Freelance~Nigh Ruin [PG] ~The Fic~

Chapter 2: Mental and Concrete

‘Clang, clang, clang’

“Up and at ‘em you low life excuses for humans.”

A young woman giggled to herself quietly in her bed, or at least what was provided for her as such a thing. She twisted herself around and neatly tucked her black hair behind her one ear, leaving her hair to cover her whole left half of her face. She had pale skin and her eyes looked clouded over in white, barely making her blue eyes noticeable. She wore a black tank top and military grade cargo pants, as provided by those who were housing her. she also wore a pair of dog tags, as was mandatory just in case there was an accident or disciplinary action had to be taken.

There were moans and groans as the clanking metal walked it’s way along the long hall way, men women, even teenagers looking no older than thirteen were all stuck in these cells. An officer in a black and grey uniform, bearing the black and white emblem of a Genesect silhouette with the letters ‘ENDG’ on the left side. His build was extremely muscular and had one of those mustaches that screamed biker gang. His baldness didn’t seem to fit.

“You, Enji. What you smiling about hmm?” he demanded in a gruff voice.

The young woman pointed at herself for a moment.

“Me? I’m happy to be going outside today sir.” she replied plainly.

The officer just looked at her with an odd gaze and proceeded to wake up the rest of the people in the cell block. “Weird ass witch...”

The woman just watched the guard go past, waiting for her door to open. She could hear the doors opening up two by two down the long hallway, slowly making their way down to her cell. She stepped out once the door clattered open with a screech, and followed the other inmates down towards the courtyard doors outside. The air about her was highly unusual as everyone kept a good few feet away from the half smiling prisoner.

“You look like you’re planing something Jingka...”

The girl turned her head around at the one prisoner who was across from her cell. She smiled from under her dark hair.

“Nothing of the sort, unless you would count planning on having a good day. That’s why I’m not wearing shoes after all.”

The man who addressed Jingka just rolled his eyes. Jingka kept with the massive flow outside until the crowd could finally disperse into the courtyard. In actuality, the courtyard was nothing but a plain concrete slab with walls extending upward and a watchtower looming above them like a hungry Mandibuzz. Jingka looked up at it and saw a single, masked and armed guard looking around with his rifle in hand. He seemed to be the only one on guard, which seemed unusual for today. Jingka wondered why as a few more officers tried to gather everyone up into a group and claim their undivided attention. She looked at the warden and left and right hands standing next to her. At her side was a Linoone, looking at every other person like they were garbage and dust under her paws. The other two officers stood as still as a cold Druddigon, but Jingka noticed one was occasionally looking at the Linoone. He must of had a bad experience with it, meaning he was either new, or stupid, as she concluded in her head. She knew that stupidity didn’t run in the ENDoG’s forces, so he must of been new.

The Warden herself wore a black wide brim hat that hid most of her blonde hair under a shadow, but her striking green eyes were clear from under the hat. She wore a bulletproof ENDoG vest, a pair of gloves and military pants that were tucked into her boots. She was taller than her other two assisting officers and was certainly more athletic than them. She let her arms hang down at her sides until she started speaking, moving her hands for emphasis on what she was saying.

“Alright you lot.” The Warden began. “You are here because you think that you’d know how to better run the region than our elected government. This not only makes you unintelligent, but also hypocrites.”

“Certainly not buttering anything up...” Jingka whispered to herself aloud.

The Warden paused, almost hearing Jingka’s words. She ignored them for the moment and continued lecturing the entire prison facility.

“You have two options in my prison: one is to cooperate and you may be allowed to released into ENDoG employment, the other is to remain here and waste away like a pack of Trubbish.”

“Only those two?”

The Warden stopped and looked right in the direction Jingka’s voice had come from. Other prisoners who were at least twice her size and with a far more athletic build quickly stood aside, intimidated by the Warden’s gaze. Jingka on the other hand, kept a rather optimistic expression on her face. The Warden was not amused.

“Who the hell are you?”

“My name is Jingka. I’ve been here awhile.”

“You’ve been here awhile...” the Warden scoffed. “You do know who I am...don’t you?”

Jingka nodded. “You are the Warden, but judging by your demeanor, how your Linoone acts and the way you carry your magnum on your waist, you were previously in the police force. I would say, working on the capture of large criminal groups, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to handle such a large group with ease, as no one can be trained to do that without some sort of experience, and judging by the way everyone parted when you looked in my direction, you’ve been from place to place before your skill was noticed by the government and they brought you on their team.”

The Warden quickly took her magnum in hand and pointed it at Jingka. She didn’t hesitate or flinch at the fact there was now a gun pointed at her head.

“How the hell do you know all that...”

“You told me.” Jingka answered. “Well...not directly, just your person did. I like reading, especially people, always been a useful hobby of mine.”

“I don’t believe a word of’ve got one more chance--”

“That’s what everyone says.” Jingka cut off. “If you would like to prove me wrong, why not a battle? That way I can show that I can read like I say I do. You wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good bullet on someone like me without being sure. Besides, you can always shoot me after.”

The Warden thought for a moment. She didn’t like the idea of a bloody mess first thing in the afternoon, and battling to prove she was the number one around here seemed like a bit of fun. After thinking for a moment in the dead silence of the courtyard, the Warden put her gun down and back into it’s holster.

“Rick, get this prisoner a Pokemon. Something nice.” She instructed. “The rest of you to the wall or I’ll be the one shooting you.”

Everyone with the exception for Jingka moved without a word. The sun beating down, the remaining prisoners looked for any it of shade they could find and crowded in it like a flock of bird Pokemon all aiming to sit in a single tree. Jingka looked around at everyone, finding their obedience a bit funny. She looked back towards the doors and found the small skinny officer coming back to her with a pair of Pokeballs, and dragging a Ninetales behind him with a leash. The Warden looked at the officer questionably.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but this confiscated Ninetales is having technical problems with his Pokeball...we’re trying to figure it out.”

“Maybe beating the crap out of it will get it in there...stand off to the side and watch the rest of the lot.”

Jingka removed the leash off the Ninetales and pet him nicely. “That feels better doesn’t it?”

The fox Pokemon didn’t respond with anything but a slightly evil glint in his eyes. Jingka looked at the other Pokeball and opened it up. With a flash out came a small Sableye who was taken by the bright light. She didn’t seem to like it much, but seeing the Pokemon made the woman smile. On the other end, the Warden motioned for her Linoone to take a battle position and released another one of her Pokemon. Once the white light had faded, it revealed a scarred up Crawdaunt who Jingka noted looked like he had a fierce attitude problem.

“A double will really show if I have to shoot you or not.”

Jingka smiled. “Whatever you say Warden!”

“Bubblebeam and Shadow Ball.”

Jingka saw that the Warden didn’t need to command which Pokemon was to do what move, as they already knew. Jingka watched the Crawdaunt carefully as he let loose a pressurized stream of bubbles at her Ninetales, and as the Linoone took a running charge at her Sableye despite it being a ranged move. Jingka noticed something particular about how the Crawdaunt moved when using his Bubblebeam attack, and saw the Linoone was probably not any good at ranged, hence why she jolted forward using momentum to power up the attack, before letting it loose at a closer range to make it seem more powerful than it would be if the Pokemon just shot it from where she was.

“Will-o-wisp and Confuse Ray you two!”

The Ninetales and Sableye reacted by switching their positions swiftly. The small gem covered imp ducked under the stream of bubbles intended for it’s Ninetales partner with a large flaming blue orb in hand. Throwing the orb in a screwball fashion, Crawdaunt stopped his bubble assault and tried to jump over the Will-o-wisp, only to me mildly burnt by it on the way down on one of his legs. Ninetales’ eyes glimmered in a dark purple as he charged for the Linoone, who had the ghostly blob hurdling towards the fox. The Ninetales took the hit, looking unfazed by it, and let loose a flurry of purple beams from his tail.

“Crabhammer and Heabutt now!”

The Warden’s Crawdaunt, furious about such a pesky little thing hitting him with a fire attack no less, raised both of his thick heavy pincers and started to throw both of them at the Sableye. Linoone zipped past each purple blast of the Ninetales Confuse Ray, waiting for a good moment to give her opponent a heavy hit in the chest. Jingka knew that it wasn’t time to really shame the Warden yet, though she was understanding how the Warden battled.

“Sucker Punch and Tail Slap!”

Sableye moved quickly and reappeared under Linoone and giving her a swift slug in the gut while Ninetales quickly made his way over to Crawdaunt, tumbling over himself and striking the crab with his many tails. The Warden sneered a bit, watching the Ninetales and for a moment, she thought something was off.

“Scald and Headbutt again!”

Jingka saw her opportunity come. Everything in her mind worked in slow motion for the moment, she saw the Crawdaunt swing over his right pincer just a few seconds before his left one. He was shifting his weight to add power to his attack. The Warden’s Linoone lead her dash with her left foot which meant if her left foot was attacked, it would slow the Pokemon down.

“Tail Slap his legs left and Power Gem at the ground!”

Ninetales swung his back end around in a sweep, taking out Crawdaunt’s smaller front legs, throwing him off balance and having him tumble forward. His pincers were open and blasting out his Scald attack in another direction and all over the concrete. The Sableye was stuck standing in boiling water but the Linoone was moving to fast to stop before rushing into a large puddle of boiling water. The water burned her paws and slowed her down significantly. Sableye jumped back, charging a large golden orb between his claws and threw it at the pair before it was finished charging, knowing well enough that the impact would spray the steaming water further onto the other two.

Jingka could see that the Warden wasn’t too happy about the result of what just happened, even if her Pokemon were still standing. Jingka’s Sableye was having a hard time staying on her feet due to being burnt from the Scald attack, though it didn’t seem to bother her Ninetales. The Warden watched the Fox Pokemon’s face; he was giving her some evil half smile, tails twitching and having some purple haze around them that was almost unnoticeable in the light.

“That Ninetales isn’t normal...” the Warden calls from across the field as her pair got up.

Jingka giggled, less cheerfully as before. “Why no, he isn’t. He’s quite special actually, and a handful.”


“Now as I recall, you called us all unintelligent...well that may be true for some of us in here but generalizing is something you can make a bad habit out of.” Jingka seemed to be chastising the Warden herself now. “Did you ever think that one of the reasons you couldn’t return Kin was because...”

“Get her under confinement and those Pokemon NOW!”

“I’ll just have to show you then.” Jingka said with a sigh. “Kin darling, if you please.”

Without a seconds hesitation, the Ninetales stood up and let loose a fierce Ominous Wind attack, his tails glowing a deep purple. Everything in the courtyard turned into a hazy torrent of wind and dust and bits of moisture. This was in no way all of Kin’s doing, and Jingka knew it.

The guard on the one watch tower immediately sprung into action, aiming his rifle at Jingka. Before he could pull the trigger, something quickly started wrapping around him and capturing him in a coil. The officer looked and found it was a Drifblim. He struggled and squirmed to get free but the ballon would not let go.

As Kin’s attack continued, all the prisoners in the courtyard started to either run inside for their own lives, or try to escape. The Warden called in more guards to try and detain the chaos, and find Jingka. Jingka had taken her favorite Sableye in hand, and her other Drifblim in another, letting the ghost inflate herself until she started to slowly float over the walls. The Warden’s Linoone has no clear straight shot at them in all the chaos, and her Crawdaunt was firing blasts of water at anyone else who was running around like a headless Torchic. Finally, Kin ceased his Ominous Wind attack, his tails no longer emanating a purple hue. Instead out of his tales came a Haunter who was looking rather cheeky. Her eyes glowed a dark pink and picked up Kin with a Psychic attack as she floated away with her Trainer.

“Mosaic!” Jingka called out.

The Drifblim that was holding the armed guard on the tower started to change into something else. Soon enough, what was the Drifblim was actually a Smeargle. The Smeargle took off like a flash using Extremespeed to join her Trainer in the escape, making it to the other side of the wall before anyone else did. The armed guard she was choking earlier fell to the floor with a heavy thud and was unmoving.

Once Jingka could see a space over the concrete wall, she let go of her Drifblim, letting the balloon fly upwards, now much lighter without the human weight, and letting Jingka drop down to the ground. Her Haunter let Kin down and repossessed his tails once more before they all took off into the dense forests ahead of them.

It was then Jingka felt the most free again, running along side her dark Kin with her Sableye on her shoulder, and Drifblim overhead, hiding in the clouds. The young woman wondered why there hadn’t been anyone following her yet after a few moments. She started to slow down, getting a bad feeling about her escape. Something was wrong, and she knew it.

After a sound of a gunshot, she left a sharp pain in her shoulder and cried out in pain. After a second one, everything went black. Jingka could still hear things, and she heard scuffling foot steps and felt herself being carried away.

‘I probably shouldn't of stopped...’
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