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Default Re: Recent Additions & Changes

The Judge Quiz is ready now.

Also, a side note to all judges. When you look for the effect of moves in the RSE Contest Mode movelist, be sure to watch out for the phrasing of the description. You will see many of these: 'Appeal score is increased by...', that means that the appeal score is increased, not replaced. So for example, Skill Swap.

| Skill Swap | Smart | +1 | 0 |
Appeal score is increased by half of the combined appeal of previous appealers, rounded down (minimum 0).

That means you take the combined appeal of all the previous appealers, add them up, and divide by 2. Round down if needed. That's not the end however. You still need to add that score to Skill Swap's original appeal heart of +1, as I've color-coded it in red.
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