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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Aqua Black Drake
Blastoise Charizard Buterfree
"Yeah finaly we get to see some action it has been long enough, I have all of my stuff in my shell so i am set!...." Aqua said "Now if only i hade some stuff to carry...." He thought.
"I am ste i got nothing to take withme so i am set so lets start heading out Rhy...." Black said with much enthusiasm.
" i dont get to go i guess....ok no problem. Drake said with a sad tone in his voice. "Hey dont worry bud you will get to do something soon i can tell so just hang tight, and here hold onto this for me till i get back. Aqua said *Drake was given the Blaziken feather (Red) from Aqua* *Blaziken feather (Red) was put ito the Key Items pouch* "OK Aqua i will make sure to keep it safe Drake said happier."Hope you guys get back soon!"
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