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Default Ramparadise

It's the year 2209. The world is flooded because of global warming. This didn't happen piece by piece this happened because of a volcano under Antartica and when it erupted it formed a semi-large continent that people started to come to once everything flooded. The average temputure is 117F in this continent. This place is called Ramparadise.
The "paradise" part is just irony because it's the opposite. There are only 2 normal people on the planet because everyone else has mutated to adapt to the change. They haven't grown super powers they just sorta look like aliens. Ramparadise people are separted by how they live and survive. People who have to hunt every day just to fill their stomaches a little bit and live in the wild are called Wilders or, to the king they are Scum. People who live normal lives like you and me, people who have just enough are called Neutrals. People who are treated like royalty, hardly have to move a finger, and rule over everyone else are called Over Rulers.
There is only one orcanized place in wilder terratory which is the blackmarket. The blackmarket is called Sugmore. Certain people are cannabals and sell human meat
for great prices because people meat is rare.
You can play as a Wilder who fights for survival, a Neutral who has just enough, or a Over Ruler who is treated so very like royilty.
  • No swearing
  • No more than 3 people
  • If there is already 2 normal humans made you can't make a normal human
  • don't kill other people without asking first
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