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Default Judge Quiz

Before you are able take the Judge Test, you must pass the Judge Quiz. There are 27 questions on the Judge Quiz. You must answer 17 out of the 24 short answer questions correctly, at least a RSE mode contest scenario out of the two correctly, and also get the DPP mode contest scenario correct.

Once you pass, the Judge Tester will guide you through the answers you did not get. You must PM your answers to an available Judge Tester. He/she will then send you back the answers that are incorrect. You then respond with your revision of those incorrect answers, and keep doing so until you pass. Nobody except a Judge Tester is able to help you on the Judge Quiz, and you are not able to discuss the Judge Quiz with anyone except a Judge Tester. Any questions about it should be done through PM with one of the Judge Testers.

You will send all answers via PM to any of the following people. Please include question and answer. Only PM to one of the judge testers.
*AmericanTreeFrog: Not Available
*SLCalamity: Available


1. Calculate the appeal points of a Musharna holding a Cute Scarf (Luster 186, Cool 202, Beauty 59, Cute 95, Smart 270, Tough 10) in the Primary Round of a Smart Contest.

2. Both RSE and DPP Contest Modes have 5 rounds for the participants to appeal. True or False? Explain why.

3. Name five things that RSE Contests have that DPP Contests don't.

4. A Milotic managed to appeal a total of 22 hearts in a round, but the judge reduced the amount of hearts to x hearts. Explain why, and find out x.

5. What happens when there is a tie in determining the performance order?

RSE Mode

6. In a Beauty Contest, a Blaziken appealed with Blaze Kick, while a Marowak appealed with Bonemerang. Both moves have no additional effect and they both appealed for +4. However, why did Blaziken still earn more appeal points than Marowak at the end of the turn? Please also state the total appeal points/hearts that they have received at the end of the turn, without taking into account of any stats before this turn.

7. A Blastoise with two condition stars had appealed with Yawn previously. This turn, it appealed with Rest in a Cute Contest. How many hearts will he receive with that appeal? Crowd Meter is at 4 currently.

8. An Electivire managed to appeal first in the second round of a contest. List three possible reasons to that.

9. Audino had used Substitute thrice in a row in a Smart Contest when the Crowd Meter is placed at 4. How much negative appeal hearts is the penalty for that? Will Audino max the Crowd Meter and receive the +5 bonus?

10. Blissey had also used Hidden Power thrice in a row, but she doesn't get penalty. Why is that so?

11. Togekiss had used Baton Pass and made all of the Pokemon appealing after it nervous. Serperior is one of them and it already has two condition stars. What is the chances of Serperior being too nervous to move?

12. A Zangoose with three condition stars had used Rock Smash in a Tough Contest. How many hearts will it earn?

13. A Geodude used Magnitude in a Cute Contest when the Crowd Meter is at 3. How many appeal hearts did it earn?

14. If a Pokemon goes second in a RSE Contest and uses Attract, all the other Pokemon become Nervous. True or false? Explain why.

15. Snorlax had just finished performing Double Edge, but is jammed by the next appealer's move; Luster Purge. How many hearts is Snorlax jammed for?

16. Wobbuffet had just finished performing Destiny Bond. The next appealer uses Leech Seed, which is a jamming move. How many hearts is Wobbuffet jammed for?

17. Slowbro is the last appealer for this round, and the total appeal hearts for the previous appealers are as shown. Starmie = 10 Hearts. Chandelure = 2 Hearts. Excadrill = 5 Heart. Slowbro then appeals with Skill Swap in a Smart Contest. How much appeal points does he earn?

18: Smeargle is the second appealer and appeals with Sketch in a Tough Contest. However, the first appealer is a Bibarel who has 3 black hearts (jams). How much appeal points does Smeargle earn for performing Sketch?

19. In a Cool Contest, the first appealer appeals with Doom Desire, while the second appealer then appeals with Payback. Will the Crowd Meter increase and award an additional appeal heart to the second appealer for performing a move of the contest's type? Explain.

20. This is the third round of a R/S/E Contest, displaying both the total appeal points that the Pokemon has already received, and the hearts that it had just received for the turn (in no particular order). Asterisks represent condition stars. State the order in which they will perform for next turn, along with any explanation (if any).

Scyther 130 PTS (+10 this turn)
Feebas 150 PTS (+4 this turn)
Skitty 60 PTS (+6 this turn) (**)
Castform 120 PTS (+11 this turn)

DPP Mode

21. How many judges are there in a contest and how much do they give individually, when the Voltage is reached at 5?

22. In a Smart Contest, Alakazam is the first appealer and appealed with Psychic. The Voltage is placed at 2 currently and throughout the turn, no one else but Alakazam appealed towards the lead judge. How many appeal hearts did Alakazam earn?

23. A Magmortar managed to appeal first in the second round of a contest. List two possible reasons to that.

24. This is the third round of a D/P/P Contest, displaying both the total appeal points that the Pokemon has already received, and the hearts that it had just received for the turn (in no particular order). State the order in which they will perform for next turn, along with any explanation (if any).

Chimchar 130 PTS (+5 this turn)
Caterpie 150 PTS (+7 this turn)
Chingling 70 PTS (+4 this turn)
Charmander 100 PTS (+2 this turn)

Judge out the following scenarios and give the round results as if you were judging a real contest. You should be able to provide a neat judging format and stats, along with any side status or conditions in the stats, such as Combo Standby, Condition Stars, or 'X' for not being allowed to perform.
Crowd Level (CL) / Voltage will be given as well.[*] = 1 Condition Star. [**] = 2 Condition Stars. [***] = 3 Condition Stars.

Rules: R/S/E Cool Contest
1st: Porygon2 100 PTS
2nd: Raichu 80 PTS
3rd: Alakazam 60 PTS (*)
4th: Starmie 40 PTS
Crowd Meter is at 2.

Appeals: Porygon2 - Lock On; Raichu - Encore; Alakazam - Skill Swap; Starmie - Hyper Beam

Rules: R/S/E Smart Contest
1st: Gengar 80PTS (Combo Standby: Endure)
2nd: Starmie 50PTS (*) (Combo Standby: Surf)
3rd: Milotic 30PTS
4th: Venusaur 0 PTS (Used Giga Drain for two times consecutively already)
Crowd Meter is at 4.

Appeals: Wobbuffet - Destiny Bond; Starmie - Dive; Milotic - Hypnosis; Venusaur - Giga Drain

Rules: D/P/P Cool Contest
Current Voltages:
Lead Judge, Dexter [Voltage = 4]
Second Judge, Ash [Voltage = 3]
Third Judge, Giovanni [Voltage = 0]
1st Blaziken 60 PTS (Used Focus Energy before this)
2nd Scizor 60 PTS
3rd Charizard 100 PTS (Used Outrage before this)
4th Kangaskhan 100 PTS (Used Rage before this)

Appeals: Blaziken - Sky Uppercut on Ash; Scizor - Quick Attack on Ash; Charizard - Outrage on Dexter; Kangaskhan - Dizzy Punch on Giovanni

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