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Default Re: 549 Lilligant

Username: Kaoru Matsubara
Type of Submission: Graphic Art
Name of Submission: #549 Lilligant
Link to Submission:
Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS3

Rejected by Simmi; Reason:

Render is not cropped enough, background is just a rainbow and doesn't fit the render, the colours of the banner don't match that well. The banner basically consists of 3 things, text, render and background, you need to add effects other then copy pasting these 3 things together.. ;)

You might wanna take a look at tutorials to help you create a better background and also might wanna work on making the whole banner blend together.. :)

Also you wanna make the render the focal point of the banner, the text is kinda big so it takes all the attention away from the the render, you only want 1 focal point on the banner and that point is suppose to be the render. :)
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