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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

(Ooc: That's a bummer. Oh...Ant...You really made it seem to me like we'd be getting off at Avar town, not the entrance to the route to Avar town...No offense...)

Wherever we are, as it doesn't seem to be Avar town...

Avalon realized one thing. This was not Avar Town. There was a conveniant sign pointing the way to Avar Town, leading into a Jungle of sorts, being guarded by men in green.

Avalon looked briefly in his bag. He was still sweating, for whatever reason, as Avalon found the fact that it wasn't truly hot odd. He was fortunate to bring a bathing suit with him...And a conveniant outhouse was nearby, unguarded, unlike the jungle-like area the soldiers (Avalon presumed they were soldiers) were guarding.

Avalon wasted no time. After a brief knock to check if anyone was in there, and after brushing Scyez off his head, he entered. Scyez, too determined to stay withing touching range of Avalon, scanned the outhouse through and through for an entrance, but found none.

Fortunatly, Avalon was out quickly. Avalon's shirt was now fully exposed, having put his jacket away, and instead of his jeans, Avalon sported a bathing suit with one lightning bolt on a black background. Avalon still wore a beret, but now, it had a pattern; a cyclone of indigo and silver was all over it, in a symmetry in asymmetry.

Avalon, with Scyez now rejoining his head, pulled out a Pokedex from his bag, and pointed it at the Krabby and Wailmer in the distance. Avalon decided to keep it at that; he had left his five Pokeballs at his house in Undella town. For Avalon, it was a 'whatever.' It was a shame that he couldn't catch the Krabby and Wailmer, but it was better than nothing-and he decided to save Pokemon the problems of being attacked by an insane Riolu for when he met the first route.

He decided to regroup with the dude with the Pidgey from earlier. It took little time to locate the man, his spiky blonde hair and slightly creepy feel attracting Avalon's eyes very quickly. Avalon ran up to him and resumed the chat from earlier like nothing had happened whatsoever.

"Hey, dude! I forgot to ask, what's your name?" Avalon asked.

Scyez decided to pipe in a small "Rii!"
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