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Default Re: Jessu can has art tiem [Gallery]

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
Yeh, it just looks a bit big for the head though.
Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post

Why am I writing this, I fail at crits xD
All righty then. I'll fix it whenever I get the chance. :P

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

I think this is why:
Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
Oh, and no crits unless otherwise stated.
I'd critique your stuff, but I don't think you've asked for it for anything. Therefore...I have nothing to say but I like most of them.

Not to offend, but there is more to spriting than just critiquing. A nice comment every once in a while will do, instead of just pointing out what's wrong all the time.
And again, I don't mean to offend. I'm just saying.


Was looking through some sprites from my earlier years, and decided I like a few, so I will showcase them here:


This was the first pixel-over I did from a live-photo. I'm never doing one of those again. xD But this is Mothra from the Godzilla series, in case someone didn't know.

I'm actually still very proud of this one, despite its age.

These are from '05.


The left is a Origi-tina/Dragonite fusion and a Origi-tina/Dragonite/Dialga fusion, while the right is Venustoise and his pre-evolved forms.

This one is actually a redo of a very old sprite of mine, which can be found here.

And these are revamps of Flareon, Stantler, and Aerodactyl. :)


I tried my hand at spriting Ridley using Aerodactyl as a base. :) I used his colors from Super Metroid and SSBB.

These are from '09.


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