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Default Re: Buzzer's PE2K Ref log (BMG = Fail)

Battle 678
Items on
SLP/FRZ/OHKO/Evasion clauses on
Sandstorm Weather/Normal Terrain
Pewter City Gym

Gym Leader Gliscorman vs Challenger SLCalamity

Gliscorman: Aerodactyl, Gliscor, Cradily, Rhyperior
SLCalamity: Blaziken, Haxorus, Venusaur, Salmence

SLC should have won but some odd move choices, like not Brick Break OHKOing Cradily with a Buffed Haxorus instead Eqing only to be toxic'd. Eventually Salamence was outraging Rhyperior who set up ATT/SPE+2 and swept.

Gliscorman: $2000 + Defend
SLCalamity: $1000
I ref: $2000

Current Wages = $10500
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