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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

31-70: The pokemon receives poison damage for this round only.
What do you mean by this?

I'm not good with words. Try this: The pokemon receives damage at the end of this round as if it were poisoned.

I'm trying to state that on the round the pokemon "stepped" on a tile, they will receive damage as if they were poisoned. (but only for that round)
Still not very clearly stated...

95-100: The pokemon is healed by 10 HP.
*10% Health

I fixed this.

Now, my main concern is the size of your possible Roster... How about your theme is "Pokemon that can learn Poison-type moves via level up that are not of the Poison-type." So, in this instance, Houndour/Houndoom would work because it's not a Poison-type, and it learns Smog (Poison-type move) by leveling up. Sound good? Or it could be "Poison-types that can learn a Poison-type move when leveling up." but I fear that a theme like that could cripple you too easily. If you have another compromise proposal, I'm all ears. :P

I couldn't think of anything better soo...
Rosarade shall be swapped with Exeggutor
Muk will be swapped with Shuckle

(/Cough/ Just a side note. If you wanted little pixel images to represent the badges you would win, I would volunteer to make them.)
I don't see why not... Make them and we'll see. :)
I will wait till the gym leaders are finalized, then make em' up.