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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Gym Title: Velocity and Mass

Description of Gym Theme:
The biggest matched with the fastest. Blinding speed compliments awesome strength in a dazzling, cover-your-partner's-behind type of way. The Gym Leader is only permitted to use this combination of speed, be it in the form of a Pokemon who is big and fast, or a pair that matches the criteria. PHYSICS FREAKING HARMONY, WHOO

6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme:
Alakazam, Salamence, Charizard, Cryogonal, Slaking, Scolipede (Straight rentals. But eventually I will have them all.)

Single/Double/Triple? Double.

How many Pokémon per side?

Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions? No OHKOS, and 3 chills per Pokemon.

What is the Gym Arena?
Aperture Labs

In Aperture Labs, there's a forgotten Testchamber called Chamber 101: Chamber LOL. Chamber 101 has a small entry hallway (Six feet by twelve feet) that opens up into a 50' x 70' arena made up almost entirely of white panels. The wall to the right as you walk in is made of dark-brown bricks. Jutting out from this wall is a platform made of the same stuff, and a turret watches the battle from above. For each action, a 40-sided die is rolled. For 1-10, the turret catches sight of the Pokemon who is being rolled for (challenger first, and the turret cannot attack or make a Pokemon flinch twice in a round) and it fires on the Pokemon in a move treated as Steel Type, which has a power of 18. It is STAB, is physical, and strikes 2-5 times. If the roll is 11-20, the turret will say something to the effect of "I see you" and make the Pokemon flinch. If the roll is 21-40, the turret hums to itself and does nothing. There's also a radio that will play 'Exile Vilify' throughout the battle. It's as dangerous as the turret when it hums (that is to say, it's completely harmless).

What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym?
Your starting pair can be any two Pokemon you want, however, one Pokemon must have a speed > 100, and the other must weigh > 220 lbs. Your other four Pokemon can be any darned Pokemon you like.

In addition, please provide links to all battles you have participated in, past or present.
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