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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by KantoBreeder View Post
So, am I free to post the thread?
Green light from me. And about the "Gym Battles are in the Leaders favor." thing. Well, not mine! I've set mine up so it's a challenge for me. :3 Several different possible arena, which aid some of my Pokemon and harm others (i.e. the pool section of my arena where my Water-type Pokemon have the upper hand and m Fire-types are at a disadvantage). It all depends on how the Leader set it up during Registration. :)
Originally Posted by Velocity View Post

I open up a random battle and I see a Double Battle and I go FFFFFF NO WAY. Not gonna bother.
And yet, I think, 'Man, if I got more cash, I would SO do it. I'd SO ref that double battle. I'd REF ITS SOCKS RIGHT OFF.'

So what I was thinking is that we should get paid more for double battles. Like, $10 for Senior Refs and $8 for Junior Refs. Because it's two sets of two Pokemon fighting - essentially, two plain rounds. Iduk, I'm not a mod (LOL, me as a mod. That would be like putting a chimpanzee in the White House) so I can't set the pay. But whatever. I think we should have more money for them. Any excuse for more cash. c:
Sure. Pay is doubled. So if a Senior Ref Reffs three Rounds of a Double battle, they receive $30 ($10+$10+$10) rather than $20. If a Jr. Ref Reffs three Double battle Rounds, then they receive $21 ($5+$8+$8) instead of $13. Catch my drift?
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