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Default Re: Pe2k as you remember it

I remember all my friends. All the people that made PE2K my home.

This site has seen me grow and when I think about it, I honestly, despite what I may say, could never leave it. Not completely.

I joined when I was 14 or 15. PE2K saw me through confusing times with confident members and caring voices. They saw me through getting a car, my first anime convention, when I became 18, and now, when I became 21.

This site, it also brought me my first real crush. My first actual love.

This site...

Despite all its major changes and its level of inactivity growing, it will be the only forum with a community that makes the site feel like home. That's what will keep this site going.

It's not just a forum. It's our home.

Our memories of it will always remain, but we still have ones to create. We lose friends and activity, but that doesn't mean we can make more of both.

As Harry said, this site has yet to fall. With us here to keep it shining, more memories will be made, more friendships, and deeper bonds will follow.

PE2K is our home. Lets keep it that way.

=^^= Nya
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