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Default Re: Pe2k as you remember it

I joined in 2009.
I quickly got into URPG because my brother had an account here and he'd tell me how so-and-so battled so-and-so and that's all he ever talked about, so I joined.

Then boom, I saw Neo's post count.

Then two summers ago, I used to wake up early in the morning and spam threads because I wanted to be like him and his 10,000+ post count. Little by little, day by day, I'd get around like 50-60 posts, and before I went to sleep, I remember I used to do math equations as to when I'll equal Neo's post count. I think it would've took me 9 months to equal him at that rate of 50-60 posts every day, iirc. I used to finish a single Pokemon in VPP in less than a week. I got involved in WiFi battling and joined the clan LMSSI, hoping that their activity would help me get more posts. I had this 1001 Facts war with someone I dont remember, posting one fact every other second, back when it was on the OC page, until it was moved to the Trivia page. Then Pe2k kinda died down. Activity slowed and I didnt get to post as much, so I didnt catch up with Neo. I thought having a large post count would get you respect and possibly a moderator job, but it didnt.

I made a lot of friends on here. Like Caitlin, Jess, Patrick, Craig, Ben, Marquise, etc. People in different countries who I virtually spent the summer with.

Then school started. I got a Facebook. I had a Mafia Wars account, played it every day until 10 at night. I didnt have time for PE2k, so I left for a year and a half.

And now I'm back, sorta.

That was Pe2k as I remembered it.

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