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Default Contest Beta


I am pleased to announce that after some brainstorming and some input from Ataro and JokesterJesse I am pleased to announce the newest form of contest. This new form will be called double contests.

Don’t let this new style intimidate you. Everything from a normal contest will remain roughly the same with a few differences. Everything that is not mentioned will remain the same, but if you need clarification feel free to post in this thread and they will be cleared up.


Each contestant will be sending two Pokemon simultaneous that will work in concert with one another to win.

The number of contestants will now be between 2 - 4 but for this beta period we are only going to allow four contestants.

The rounds for both D/P and RSE will be increased to six for any double contests.

In RSE the crowd meter will remain at five to get a boost; however, the meter will not raise unless both Pokemon from the contestant use the required contest type. This same system will be applied to DP where both Pokemon will appeal to the Judge to get the voltage to rise and to get points. The same system of handing out hearts will be the same as both your pokemon will essential count as one in the eyes of the judge.

Combos will now be allowed in D/P as well as RSE (the combos for D/P will only apply for double contests and not single ones for the time being). In terms of differences the combo cannot be completed by a single Pokemon on your team. One Pokemon must use the move to set up the combo while the other completes it. For example, a Medicham uses Fire Punch while an Electivire uses Thunder Punch.

You can only earn +20 hearts max now instead of the normal sixteen. The score of both Pokemon will also be counted as one instead of an individual score for both.

Because this a new style, stats will not be allowed for now unless all contestants agree on them. However, when the stats of both Pokemon are totaled up that number will be divided by 2 to get the primary score.

The money system will be the same but to encourage you guys to participate during our beta test the BC system will be increased to 1k = 4th, 1.5k = 3rd, 2k = 2nd, 2.5k = 1st

Finally, this is a beta testing period where any kinks can be ironed out or things added that need to be. Post any thoughts or concerns here and they will be addressed accordingly.

I will be adding new additions or things I forgot to add in this post.

You do not need to post about wanting to be in the beta. Double contests can take place at anytime if your judge feels he/she is ready. You do also get money for playing (both judges and contestants).

For judges, please post results here and do not add the money to your stats, I want to keep a wage count for this only. New judges cannot do a double contest, only the experienced ones.

If there are any questions please check This first to make sure your questions hasn't already been answered.

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