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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

(OOC: I've actually been buzy lately, but have also been checking here, but i havent really posted cause no one really responded till now from when i noticed so...)

Rhy's team base

IC: Nova smiles At Black
"Thank you black. I promise to be a good addition to your team." Nova said as they reached the base.
Nova then looks around the base. It looked like any normal secret base, filled with items, and...other people. Nova starts tensing up, feeling a bit nervous and shy towards these people.
"w-w-which one is r-r-rhy?" i said stuttering from seeing all the people, my nova stone also glowing a very dense green from being nervous.

(OOC: Im thinking of adding a helper for Nova, who will maybe appear in the next post. if i add this character, it should improve my Rp'ing length by a great deal, as of, also showing how well Nova gets along with his friends
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