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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Spencer Thompson
Following Others

As soon as the kids with Pokemon started filing out, he knew that he had missed something. 'Where are they all going?' he asked himself, 'sight seeing? Aren't we still at sea? Did I miss some meeting?'

Knowing that it was pointless to simply think about these things, he headed to the nearest employee, a rather tired looking janitor who was looking at the mess and more than likely trying to figure out what to put on his resume to get out of the madness that usually circled Pokemon trainers. "Where's everyone going?" he asked, pointing at the strong kid and his Riolu as they were heading out.

The man turned to look at him wearily, and then showed him an obviously forced smile. "Didn't you hear, sir?" he asked, "we've landed."

"Oh," Spencer returned, perhaps not the most intellectual thing he had said. He finished his orange juice in a sip, grabbed a few pieces of bacon, and handed something to his Pidgey before running to his room to go pack. 'Why didn't they make an ann-' he thought, but was cut off by the speaker in the hall telling everyone that they had indeed landed, and that they could take their time eating breakfast before those who were leaving at this stop had to get out so the rest could move on.

It didn't take long, he had only packed the necessities, and after saying goodbye to the man who had cleaned his room for the past while he ran out. Taking the time to move down to the docking level in an elevator the blonde grabbed his passport, deciding it best to be ready so he could at the very least try to catch up.

After passing customs and being waved on he ran off the boat and into the morning sun, shielding his eyes. He had gotten plenty of sun on the boat, but not in a while. After power walking he could see some of the kids in the far distance, moving his long legs in an effort to at least not be late to the meeting with the professor.

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."
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