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Default Re: ATF's Tree of Battles

[4v4][Held okay][No Weather/Normal Terrain][Revo][Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/ Clauses][Normal Battle]

Fossil Fusion VS AlaskaPidgeon

Darmaniton & Xatu & Swoobat & Metagross


Dragonite & Lucario & Togekiss Feraligatr

Darmanitan dealt with Dragonite then used U-Turn to Xatu as Feraliagatr came in with Waterfall. Xatu used Toxic before Icebeam KO'ed. Swoobat came in with a sub while Feraliagatr used Dragon Dance. Swoobat protected while Toxic did some damage. A failed Psych Up was next as Lucario switched in. With some help of Thunder Wave Lucario was fully pared twice, allowing Swoobat to bring it 50% after a Calm Mind. Togekiss switched in a Ko'ing Psychic. After a few rounds Togekiss defeated Swoobat but only with 4% Left. Metagross came in and finished both Kiss and Feraliagatr easily.

Chris: $1,500
Alaska: $0,750
Me: $2,000

Salary: $11,500
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