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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


"So Blaze are first mission shall be soon we are having a unit go and defeat a clone unit heading towards the destroyed paradise. Mewtwo is trying to get everything started as quick as he can so that, he can get to the other world. Also we have a night mission to take a mountain base of mewtwo me and lex will divide the men up."

"Alright finally some action this is great Rhy. I want to kill some clones today get some revenge"

"Heyyyy today is not a revenge day you follow your leader on these missions Blaze if you ust go reckless than you can get us killed you heard. So I'm going to need to use your brain more than your fist."

"Alright Rhy I got you."

"Now go eat and make preparation's till Lex is here and we decide who we are bringing on are missions."

"Wait you guys are leading the missions."

"Yes so we are picking are men that we are going to bring on the missions and whos best suited for what missions."

"Alrighg I will be ready then" I went over to the table grabbed a bowl and started eating.

Out through the sandstorm Lex walked with Nova back to the base as Black went on his own. "Yes you can join the alliance I'm saying. I am second in command I think I have that privilege. Yeah so as soon as we get to the base I notify are leader that we have a new member and we need pick people to go on missions. Theres two missions for today nova so you will either get picked by me or Rhy to come because we are leading thre missions and Rhy is the leader. If theres any questions don't be afraid to ask me."

OOC: Hey if any member in this roleplay get online I need you to post guys we are dying out here and I neeed other people to step up and post please guys besides mayfan he been posting good but everyone else try to get online and post.
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