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Default Re: Pe2k as you remember it

I remember PE2K through many good and bad times. Through many active and inactive periods.

And I have made many friends along the way that have moved on.

But I don't believe that our best day's our behind us. I don't believe that we've lost the war. I don't believe that there is no hope.

We may be down, but we're not out. We may be behind, but we've never quit.

And we may not have the same activity levels as Serebii, Bulbagarden, or Pokemon Community, but then I say that NEITHER are we Serebii, Bulbagarden, or Pokemon Community.

We are PE2K.

And we've been in worse spots before. I should know, I've seen it. And we've come back from that before. Heck, we're better than where we were the past few months thanks to Black and White.

And we're never, NEVER, returning to that sleepy state that we once were.

Cause if PE2Kers know anything, it's knowing how to fight for what they love and those they love. It's that they know how to have a good time and enjoy life. It's that they remember that their Destiny is something they can control, not fate to be lead to.

It's that they understand that the past holds grand memories. And that those memories should be cherished. But more importantly they also know that there are many more grand memories yet to be created. More stories to write, more adventures to live, more people to meet, more life to live.

So I am thankful for the PE2K I remember, because it helped create who I am today. It helped create the community I love today. And it brought together all of you.

I'm going to fight for our future. I'm going to strive forward and create a place here that we can all be proud of and enjoy. I'm going to believe in who we are.

Because this place is only going to die when we let it. And that's a strategy I can live by.

Believe it.
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