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Default Re: Mawile_rocks VS. Silver Slasher (OPEN)

Round Three


[Kesh] Heracross (M)

HP: 87%
Energy: 47%
Condition: That could have gone better; -1 Defence, -1 Speed
Moves: Megahorn ~ Swords Dance


[Turtle] Carracosta (F)

HP: 60%
Energy: 63%
Condition: Where am I?; +1 Attack, +1 Defence, -1 Speed; Toxic, Confused
Moves: Curse ~ Hydro Pump

As if to make up for the last round, Kesh charged at Turtle with anger. His long horn turned white as he approached her; the Carracosta didn’t bat an eyelid, however, as she was sure that her rocky shell would protect her from taking too much damage. She was wrong. Kesh’s horn struck the prototurtle in the centre of her chest, where there was no protection. This was followed by a blow to the neck. Turtle doubled over, shocked at the pain – her opponent had managed to strike her where she was weakest and had dealt enough damage to make up for the last round’s failure in a spectacular fashion.

After that, she knew that she had to protect herself from whatever the Heracross tried to throw at her in future. She closed her eyes and began to mumble something from an ancient language so that it was just audible. As she did so, her body was enveloped in a black aura and her skin thickened slightly; her muscles also seemed to grow due to this strange enchantment. However, these enhancements didn’t come without a cost – Turtle became even slower than before, which was a feat in itself. Now she watched Kesh cautiously, waiting for him to make his move.

Kesh was worried about these increases and decided that it was time to make his own. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and began to spin rapidly while beginning to glow red. His horn, where the colouration was most pronounced, elongated slightly to create an even more powerful weapon. The bug stopped spinning and lunged forward and then side to side before starting to dance quickly – this allowed more blood to flow to his muscles so that they could respire more rapidly and so produce more energy than normal; this energy could then be used to attack.

Her build up of defences now useless, Turtle decided to switch to a more offensive strategy. Water welled up in her mouth and she prepared to eject it at the opponent. The liquid was soon speeding through the air at a frightening speed; the water-type wasn’t holding back. Kesh was hit in the middle of the chest and struggled to remain upright after the collision. The attack had hurt him but it was feeble compared to what he’d dished out this round.


[Kesh] Heracross (M)

HP: 74%
Energy: 35%
Condition: Tiring but optimistic; +2 Attack, -1 Defence, -1 Speed


[Turtle] Carracosta (F)

HP: 25%
Energy: 48%
Condition: Sore yet not ready to give up; +2 Attack, +2 Defence, -2 Speed; Toxic, Confused

Megahorn- (Rolled 62/100, 85 or less to hit; critical hit; Heracross -9 Energy; Carracosta -29 HP)
Curse- (Rolled 72/100, 25 or less for confusion; Carracosta -4 Energy, +1 Attack, +1 Defence, -1 Speed)
Swords Dance- (Heracross -3 Energy; +2 Attack)
Hydro Pump- (Rolled 50/100, 15 or less for confusion; rolled 1/100, 80 or less to hit; Carracosta -11 Energy; Heracross -13 HP)
Toxic- (Carracosta -6 HP)

Arena Notes