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Default Re: Historical What-Ifs

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
The Europeans would have warred with each other for other reasons. And the real reason the Muslims were attacking into Europe is to spread their empire, meaning the Spaniards would have had to still search for gold anyway, meaning they still would have discovered the South Americas, meaning the Europeans would search for it too.

The Aztects performed religion at the time, and if the Spaniards were still as cruel as they were without their religion, would have still killed them off because they would have thought religion is "barbaric." Most stuff in history would have still happened. Only faster so that we probably would have found a cure for cancer by now.
I could not disagree more.

The Crusades were a war for territory in the Middle East. Namely the Holy Land. There would have never been a back and fourth war between European nations and Islamic empires if it was simply a territory dispute. Since Jerusalem held no real value for most nations at the time it might have just been given up in a diplomatic solution.

Because Europe would have been bogged down by war other nations in the East may have taken a rise to power and set off for exploration before the West did.

As for the your points in the Americas Spain mainly wiped out the Aztec religion because it was basically the "anti-religion" it was seen as Pagan and rejected by the conquistidores. Even if Spain were to have found the Americas first if they are bogged by war what would have allowed them to trade with the East for gun powder? Unless you are saying there would have been a stronger uniting force in Europe to prevent it from being plagued by religion wars after the fall of the Roman empire Europe's technology and exploration would not have been a priority for European countries.

And I forgot to post my what if: What if there was no Renaissance?

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