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Default Re: Mindro Island (pokemon)

Name: LJK
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Goal: Become a Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion. Explore the Island.
When you first see LJK, you would think that is a very rough dude. However, you will soon notice that he is a very nice or chill dude. He cares a lot about his loved ones, and likes to take it easy. Although he can be a very chill dude, he can sometimes be an evil dude. He will not stop at anything to reach one of his goals.

He was born in Twinleaf, Sinnoh. He never had a father, and his mother died when he was ten years old. His mother left him one more thing to remind him of her. It was a male Turtwig, a Sinnoh Starter. He eventually evolved it into a Grotle, then a Torterra. On throughout his journey is Sinnoh, he caught a Luxio that evolved into a Luxray. He found a Rhydon, that he evolved into a Rhydon, then a Rhyperior. He also has a Staraptor, Drapion, and a Rampardos.
He went through the Sinnoh League, defeating the gym leaders, and becoming the champion. He is still almost impossible to beat. He went to Kanto and Johto and placed second in the Pokemon Leagues there. Once he heard of the new island with Pokemon that had been discovered, he fled there as soon as possible. He is now there, wanting to become the champion. He will do anything to become the champion.


Torterra (M)
Ability: Overgrow

Luxray (M)
Ability: Rivalry

Rhyperior (M)
Ability: Lightingrod

Staraptor (F)
Ability: Intimidate

Drapion (M)
Ability: Sniper

Rampardos (M)
Ability: Mold Breaker

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