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Default Re: Mindro Island (pokemon)

Name: Duncan Pinebird
Age: 19
Gendar: Male
Personality: when you first meet Duncan you'll find
him sorta scary until you get to know him. He's an
exellant trainer and almost imposible to beat. He
learned to battle by watching his brothers battle it
out. Even know Duncan my seem dark he has the
closest bond with his pokemon.
Bio: Duncan was born on the Orange Islands and
never really had a starter pokemon. Instead Duncan
raised a bunch of pokemon at a time. he evolved a
gligar and a kirlia at the same time. Duncan has a rival
named Seth Anderson and have been battling
since they had pokemon. One time Seth and Duncan
were in the finals together at some league and it was
called the battle of the year and lasted 2 whole hours.
after so much battling the referee had to end the
battle becaus it was taking to long. When Mindro was
discovered Duncan finally desided to go there and
fill his dream of becoming a pokemon master!
Goal: wants to be the champion and wants the reward

Note: egnore the champion duncan part

Pokemon Team: Blade (m) Gallade, Mega-X (m) Metagross, Claws (f) Gliscore, Pups (m) Arcanine, Notch (m) Lucario

Wow! I want them all!!
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