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Default Re: Paleozoic Fossil Dragon - Skullgeoth

Eterna Gym Battle

Helds On
B/W Revolution
OHKO/Frz/Slp/Evasion Clauses, Sunny

MorruMagnum - Crobat, Blaziken, Dragonite, Archeops
Leader Eevee Dude - Exeggutor, Whimiscott, Cradily, Breloom

A lot of hardhitting and item reliants. Whimiscott proved annoying and kind of swept. But Blaziken stepped in and KO'd it. Breloom Focus Sashed Counter Blaziken and Dragonite cleaned up Cradily and Exeggutor.

MorruMagnun - $2000, Forest Badge, & TM Giga Dragin
Eeveedude - $1000
Me - $2000
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)
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