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Default Re: why does this forum suck :x

Free For All
No Items
No Sleep Moves (bar Rest)
Evasion Clause
Perish Song Fails
Hit One
Intimidate Fails
Encore Fails
Haze Fails
No Redirects
Acupressure and Helping Hand can target others
Illusion Pokemon can randomly disguise themselves at the beginning
Any moves with altered priority fail

The Justice/Reuniclus comes 12th, gets 1,000
The Evil Dookie/Bellsprout comes 11th, gets 1,000
SLCalamity/Haxorus comes 10th, gets 1,000
Winter Vines/Cradily comes 9th, gets 1,500
MaverickKaiser/Lucario comes 8th, gets 2,000
Husnain/Aerodactyl comes 7th, gets 2,500
Web Master/Metagross comes 6th, gets 3,000
The Jr Trainer/Swampert comes 5th, gets 3,500
Rohypnol/Starmie comes 4th, gets 4,000
Fossil Fusion/Claydol comes 3rd, gets 4,500
Ebail/Ludicolo and Fawkes/Accelgor come joint first, gets 5,250
I get 6,000

Total: 20,000
(13:50:47) Breadfan: (as evidenced by the lack of rapture right now)
(13:51:02) Khimera: What're you talking about? I'm under siege by raptors
(13:51:15) Breadfan: that's jurassic park
(13:51:20) Breadfan: not the rapture

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