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Default Re: Gonna put a log here too just in case.

Helds on
Normal Weather
Normal Terrain
Frz/Slp/OHKO/Eva clauses
Driftveil City Gym Battle

Challenger Gmandiddy vs Leader WinterVines

Gman: Kingdra, Dragonite, Gyarados, Ludicolo
WV: Swampert, Nidoking, Mamoswine

Nidoking is pretty awesome with Sheer Force + Life Orb, I'm glad I made it my starter. But Swampert did a lot of work in this battle too, Roaring out Dragonite, KOing Gyarados and weakening Ludicolo. Mamoswine was also a big help once it was Dragon Tailed into battle, it took care of Kingdra and finished off the Dragonite that was weakened by Nidoking.

WV: $2,000 + Defend
Gman: $1,000
Me: $2,000

Current Wages: $26,000
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