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Default Re: Thoughts on the Sinnoh Saga

Originally Posted by SCX View Post
Pokemon has hit many episodes and in any story, you are bound to run into echo characters. There was no problem with Dawn in my opinion (let's agree to disagree with this). Many characters in Pokemon carry similar characteristics. Ritche for example reflected a lot of Ash as another echo character.

Coordinator made May and Dawn too soft? Not all ten year old's will be these great, assertive women at start. May and Dawn grew in their saga's, but they still deal with weaknesses. Next to that is May stood up for her Pokemon and stood up to Drew for how he treated Absol. Yeah, she did question herself a lot, but she is building herself. Dawn as well wasn't sure when she started losing a couple contests. What they did do was take what they had done to help better themselves or else they would not come to develop. Next to that I like to add that Dawn herself had her moments where she had a temper. Such as when Ash made the comment that her hair still looked the same after she attempted to fix it or when Paul forgot her name.

...That one girl that is unsure of herself? Well gee girly, I'm sorry that all girls can't be like you and work the same way as you do. Part of growing up is development. Last I checked, Misty sometimes wasn't sure of herself either.

May and Dawn quirky? Uh, I see plenty of girls who will fix their hair/make-up. If you are referring to how Dawn acted at times, most people I know act in their own awkward ways. Yes, Misty does have a bit of feminine side to her. However, most of the sagas she was in she acted not much a lot of times, which is why it was a surprise to Ash to see her in a swimming suit and when certain Pokemon found themselves attracted to her.

Misty was quite the character too, but I don't see how you think that if it was her instead of anyone else that it would change anything. There is more to a story than just the characters or a character for that matter. Really, any of the girls are not important. Pokemon in the end is about Ash and Pikachu's adventures.

The only way that Sinnoh is similar to Hoenn is that Ash went on another journey, met another friend to travel with, Brock jumped in a little bit after Ash arrived, and they went through the Sinnoh League while attending contests on the side. Sinnoh does not resemble Hoenn any other way. Kenny is not a Drew, Zoey is not a Solidad, and Urara (Ursula) is not Harley. Do they resemble some personality? In some ways, but a lot of characters throughout the entire Pokemon series resemble each other with characteristics. There won't be just one kid that has a problem with Pokemon.

Ash however, never ran into some such as Paul. He wasn't a charmer, so he isn't like Drew. There is no way he'd go out of his way to ruin one of Ash's battles. Admittedly, there are episodes I passed off and really only watched the ones with Paul. What I mentioned earlier in my last post was that Pokemon when it started had its episodes that were great and were not. Each saga has those episodes. For me, I enjoyed the Johto episodes with Larvitar, Bayleef, Lugia, Hoho, Gym battles, Gary, and Lance. Then when it came to Hoenn, I enjoyed the contest battles (Yes, yes I did), Gym Battles, When he caught some of the Pokemon (Torkoal for example), & some of the battles with Team Aqua/Magma, especially when Lance came into the picture. I definitely enjoyed a lot of the episodes in Frontier (Agatha, Frontier Battles, & seeing older Pokemon).

I as well find myself enjoying a bit of the Unova saga. Iris is still playing that female role and has her soft sides as well sides where she is criticizing/insulting Ash (however you decipher her when she calls him a child or anything else she said).

But I still think that the Sinnoh Saga was great. :>
Sinnoh and Hoenn are similar in many ways.

May is virtually another Dawn. Simply give Dawn a little more nerve, and, there you have it, another carbon copy. Also, we all know that Croagunk was a replacement for Ludicolo. We all know that Team Rocket was just as bland in Hoenn than they are in Sinnoh. It is the same journey, with different names. It is the SAME EVERYTHING. At least they introduced new things from Kanto to Johto. The only real new thing worth mentioning in the show are the 150 new Pokemon from Hoenn to Sinnoh.

Sinnoh was a step up from Hoenn, but definitely far from my favorites.
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