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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

OOC: Good job, Lat. I keep forgetting this is DnD

Spencer Thompson
Dining Hall

Everything seemed to happen at once, and none of it how the intellectual young adult thought it would. The bravest of the bunch, the brash youth who had slammed the table, threw a plate and then ordered his Pokemon to attack. Before he could even raise a hand to help, though whether he would have or not with the current odds was a question, the plot was foiled by a pair of the creatures. 'If only I had my Poke Dex, I'd be having a field day,' he couldn't help but think.

And as soon as the group had taken complete control, for the moment at the very least, they were stopped by what appeared to be an old man. Too busy wondering what was going on and if he was just simply watching a movie, Spencer could only revel at the oddness of this sudden turn of circumstances, as the group's leader had a small and heated conversation with this old man before all leaving. His mind instantly categorized and stored bits of the information, such as 'leader,' 'Allison,' and 'Team Orron.' It might be important later on.

For his part, Spencer had traded the look of fake fear with a normal stone faced look. He popped his bubblegum as he watched a different young man, the one who called himself Avalon, pick something up from the ground. Shrugging and sighing, the spikey haired man got up, grabbed a plate, and picked up an omelet. The whole time he was turning one of his ears to the conversation with the old man that was still going on.

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."
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