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Default Re: ATF's Tree of Battles

[4v4][Held okay][Sand Weather/Normal Terrain][D/P][Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/ Clauses][Gym Battle]

Morru Magnum VS WinterVines

Gyarados & Ludicolo & Mismagius & Togekiss


Swampert & Nidoking

Swampert started away by roaring off Ludicolo for Mismagius after Gyarados switched out. Mirror Coat killed Mismagius before Swampert fell to Ludicolo's Energy Ball. Nidoking came in and with Sheer Force and Life Orb OHKOed both Ludicolo and Gyarados. Togekiss came in with a Choice Scarf and Air Slash and Morru forfieted after a flinch failed to stop the Disable attack.

WinterVines: $2,000
Morru: $1,000
Me: $2,000

Salary: $6,000
Coordinator Stat's

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