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Default Re: The Shadow World.

Harmless Trainer
Name: Milo Blossem
Age: 18
Personality: If you get on Milo's bad side
you'd wish you never met him in the first
place. When you first meet Milo you will
wish you had met him way before. He is
one of those "ready for battle" kind of
kids. Milo is an all time pokemon lover.
Description: Milo is a privet inspecter of
special pokemon like Notched Eared Pichu
and crystal onix which he has caught both
of them.

History: Milo has never had a
starter pokemon because Prof. Elm ran out
when he was 10 so he found his starter in
Ilex Forest. The pokemon was a notched
eared pichu which he named Spike. Milo's
older brother, Keith, has concered every region
with ease and when he left when first started
to leave for his journey he gave Milo a pokeball
to catch his starter because the same thing
happened to him when he was 10. Milo always
wanted to be a pokemon master just like his
brother. Milo has defeated a gang called Team
Toxic with his friends andgym leaders. When
that wa all over he started to grow a intrest
in special pokemon because of the 2 he
had. Milo's good friend told him about an
Onix that went on a rampage and had a special
twist to him which was that he was made of
crystal! Milo wanted to settel this pokemon
this pokemon and had an outstanding battle
with him at the end the onix desided to
join Milo's party. An inspecter saw this
and offered Milo a job which he excepted.
After a while onix started to train with Brock
after Milo showed him. Milo heard about
Lugia and went to stop his rampage just
like he stopped Onix's. He was on his way
to go find Lugia when a T.A. came and asked
him to come with him and then it happened
the lightning struck sending Milo into the
Shadow World.
Pokemon: Spike (male notched eared pichu)
Gender: Male
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