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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

(Ooc: I'll be claiming all that, thank you very much.)

Dining Hall

Avalon's forsight prevailed. Scyez and him found a few things lying around where Allison was: A keycard, a potion, and most importantly, two hundred Pokedollars, probably Allison's own, considering nobody gave any money to her, but rather her cohorts. Avalon didn't wait for someone else to claim it, he scooped up his prizes himself.

Listening to the old man's and Robert's conversation made Avalon think that Allison might, just might, not be the actuall leader. Maybe someone else was pulling the strings, using Allison as a foreman? Avalon didn't think too much of it, the chances were, for now, remote.

There was just one thing he really didn't get. "Ehh, isn't it like, the tropics, or something? It's supposed to be hot and humid in the tropics. Oh, whatever, I was always sensetive to heat." Avalon said. "I definatly need new clothes, I'm going to burn in a fiery husk with this jacket. I hope it's not hot as an Undella summer...Whatever."

"So, your name is Robert Masters? I'm really, really, REALLY good with guessing names. To further show you this trait, I hearby claim that your Riolu's name is Lilac. Coincidentally, I also plan on being a Martial Artist...And a Aura user...And one of those wierd Mystic dudes, too. They are all awesome." Avalon said. Scyez, taking a good look at the other Riolu with mild interest, quickly found boredom inside her calmer counterpart, and rejoined Avalon's head, sitting on his beret.

"And I wouldn't be so sure about that part about them not harming you...If they lost favor in you as a leader, then I'm betting anything on that the same miracle won't happen twice..." Avalon said to the old leader.

"So, how much time 'till we reach Suvaty, anyhow? I'm bored of waiting here." Avalon said. Avalon put the new items in his bag, and while doing so, checked for some new clothes. He found enough for an outfit change. He then sealed his bag, walked towards the door that led outside, and opened it. Avalon looked out to the front of the ship, hoping that his next sight would be Suvaty's shore.

(Ooc: Is Suvaty on the horizon? I don't want to play out the boat scene much longer.)
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