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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Robert Masters
Dining Hall, Ship

Robert was on alert as he watched the confrontation and went on higher alert when the lights went out. However, when the lights came back on, the only 'member' of Team Orron was the old man who claimed to be the old leader. He was about to answer when the other kid spoke up for him. "Odd how you would know my name when I never introduced myself to anyone aboard." Robert calmly commented. His demeanor shifted back to his calmer self as he looked to the old man.

"Yes, my name is Robert Masters. I'm a martial artist training to be an aura guardian. However, I've still yet to control my rage against criminal teams, considering I've seen first-hand the amount of suffering groups like them have caused people and Pokemon alike. I thank you for your intervention." Robert spoke calmly. He didn't trust the old man despite what happened, but he wanted to hear the full story. If this once good team turned to crime, it'd be a very good chance that he'd have to confront them again eventually. He'd need to know everything about this team.
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