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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Dining Hall

Holy crow. The Linoone were awesome. And the de-facto leader's name was Allison.

Avalon felt that the attack the other Riolu trainer tried to pull off-and what he probably intended to do, grab Allison-would result in the grunts just killing everybody, regardless of their lack of leadership. It would either be from them dissolving into dissaray, them just wanting to take control of the situation. Avalon also felt that Allison could have been expandable, meaning that the grunts could have just killed her with little reprocusions. The old man was compleatly right to have stopped his attack.

"For the record, I'm compleatly guessing here. I'm guessing his name. Is it...Uhh...Is it...Robert Masters? Oh, I'm just guessing here." Avalon said to the elderly man that just saved their skins. "...Whatever to that, you look like you command some respect. One old man, with two Linoone? Just two Pokemon, taking on twenty people, probably with Pokemon of their own and guns? You must be really good to make them turn tail. How'd they make the blackout? Oh, forgot, I'm Avalon, and this is Scyez, and were you the original leader of this Orron group, and whose this new leader, and...How hot's Suvaty? I'm burning already. I think I might need some new clothes." Avalon added, randomly adding questions to his own introduction.

Avalon quickly turned his gaze around the room, to see if the grunts left ANYTHING behind. If anything remained, then it would benefit the authorities that were now bound to be hunting down Team Orron with eagle eyes.

(Ooc: I want to see if any checks could be made to see if Avalon spots anything the grunts might have left behind. Would that involve Wisdom?)
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