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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Hi I'm just advertising a small ( really small) role play website. We are in desperate need of people to join as well as a layout designer that could help me one of the admins. We only have around 5-6 active members and most are the staff team! Here is a description of the rp along with the link. As I said this website still has a ways to go.

Once upon a time, Maes was a small 'region' so to speak. People like you and me populated it, but they were different from us in one very important way. They did not catch pokemon, they honored them. Big or small, pokemon were reconsigned as the elemental forces of the world, and were thus honored. But then something happened. They forgot the power of pokemon as their own power grew, they caught the pokemon of Maes and turned them into slaves. Of course, the pokemon did not like this. They cried out for the humans to stop, for them to remember their past, but it was lost. Their cries fell on deaf ears. So the pokemon all came together, and planned out a way to show the humans exactly why they used to honor them. They knew that inside each human was a pokemon inside of them, a pokemon they were most like. They called upon the power they held, and Maes was permanently changed.

The first trainer to find Maes was Kim, and she discovered exactly how the pokemon's raw energy transformed Maes. The moment she stepped onto the island, her body changed. She became a cross of the pokemon inside of her and the human she used to be, a pokemorph, as her inner spirit showed through for the first time. Now more people are coming to Maes to learn more about themselves, the island, and pokemon.... Will you join them?

So it is a Pokemorph rp or a combination of human and pokemon. We look forward to seeing dedicated members :)
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