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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

2 Linoone lunged in the way of the assault. One grabbed the plate in it's mouth, and the other pushed the Riolu onto the ground. A man in white robes stood up from his table, "That's enough Allison! You're making a fool of Team Orron!" This man was very old, his hair was long and gray, and his beard was too.

The woman with the microphone, who was Allison, stared at this man for a few minutes before shouting again, "You old geezer! You never saw the potential of Orron, bt I do!"

The old man snapped his fingers and the 2 Linoone returned to his side, "Team Orron was established to help and protect the people of Suvaty! Not terrorize them!"

Allison shook her head, "Well, Orron has a new leader! So now your ideals are history!" She snapped her fingers and the lights went out. They came back up only moments later to reveal that every member of Team Orron had vanished.

The old man was still there, and he walked over to the trainer who ordered his Riolu to attack, "I'm sorry about Allison. What is your name?"
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