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Default Thoughts on the Sinnoh Saga;dr - I likes Pokemon o3o & Sinnoh Saga

Have to say that if it is Pokemon, I will come to enjoy it as I just generally enjoy the entire spectrum. The beginning seasons were great, really. Ash was a new trainer who had a rival who appeared at some parts. Then it accompanied a female role who carried quite a punch. Brock was the character role who helped to be the butter between Ash and Misty as well inform the audience on Pokemon knowledge (ignoring some things he had said). Add to it that Brock also had creative personalities infested into him to make him fall head over heels in love with a lot of the girls Ash and Co. met on their journey.

Skipping the filler saga, Ash and Co. are now in Johto. A lot of the Pokemon have a bit more personality and delivers an entertaining party. A Totodile who are quite quirky. The Cyndaquil who had a habit to wander off in curiosity. Then there is Bayleef who crushed hard on her trainer. Ash with his interesting Pokemon Party, went at Johto with the idea to show he can succeed Gary (it is because of Gary he went to Johto after losing to Eevee). Mind you all, Ash was still quite the newbie. Might I remind you that he faced Pryce with a Normal type Pokemon against his Ice type despite being told by his friends how wrong of a choice he made.

The Silver Conference reflected what his reason for traveling Johto was. He used his other skills to battle Charizard against Blastoise as to ignore the whole advantage/dis-advantage scenario. As long as he believed in his Pokemon, he'll come through. After he lost to Harrison, he got the idea to head to Hoenn. Now, this is where you take into consideration what was told to Ash. The more experience he gets on his travels, the better they will be.

So, he travels to Hoenn where he starts out with a new team. Clearly this is to experience all different Pokemon and deal with a girl. Yes, he had Misty, but May very well embraced her feminine side. Her attitude was a mix of being a gym leader's daughter and new at training with the side of not liking Pokemon (compared to Ash who just couldn't wait to get his starter). He supported her when she decided to try contest battling and this introduced a lot to Ash.

I'm not sure what episode it is, but Ash wished he was there to help May in battling. Especially since she didn't start off the way Ash did. Advance Battles brought in the beginning of different type of people while Ash developed his experience. In this saga, I think he does very much take into consideration advantages and disadvantages in the battle field. He's not entirely the kid he started off with saying, "Oh yeah! You don't know what you can do until you try!" In his Kanto days and Johto days, he used his hard head a lot versus his brain.

The Frontier Battle helped to show how much Ash has grown. Many people will say that they don't believe Ash has grown or anything. No matter if he was ten or fourteen, he isn't an adult and it takes much experience as well years to gain quite the knowledge. Don't expect that a ten year old or how ever old Ash should be, will travel four different regions to act as if a twenty-one year old would behave. After all, Ash did still act in certain ways as to not listen to Brandon and run around foolishly after being found in the tomb.

Then it was the ending of the Frontier Brain that built up what could be expected in the Sinnoh Saga. What Ash uses with his beliefs. Look how far it has gotten him. If it wasn't for the special training he had to get the feel of what it was like back in his old days, then his battle would not have won him the Brave Symbol. You don't know what you can do until you try and you should always believe in yourself and your Pokemon. That is a lot of what Ash relies on.

The Sinnoh Saga I feel had delivered a more philosophical point of view. That belief Ash has as mentioned, is targeted as it rivals much of what were Paul's beliefs. They were both into Pokemon and nothing fuels a rivalry better than trainers who carry different believes. Ash learned that he cannot expect everyone to have his same belief or see eye to eye. In the end, it's about who made it to be the better trainer. Ash earned his spot fair and square.

What else the Sinnoh Saga brought was realistic feels. Dawn started her journey as a member of Ash and Co. with somewhat the same arrogance that Ash carried. What I also enjoyed was that Dawn didn't give Ash a hard time for what Pikachu did to her bike. Just thought I throw that in there. Any ways, Dawn came to realize that there was a lot to contests and because of her losses, she questioned if she should be a coordinator. People a lot of times when they do not do well in something will give up. Dawn used much of Ash's similar belief to continue trying harder and harder each time for her next Pokemon Contest.

Sinnoh expanded on issues with how Pokemon can differ. Some Pokemon are happier with cruel, brutal, and high standards type of trainers. Then some work better if they have a trainer such as Ash. Next to that are the Pokemon Gym Leaders that had more personality. Roark who rivaled his father, Byron. Gardenia who had such a love for grass-types. Fantina, Maylene, Candice, etc. After all, Pokemon consists of more than just Ash and Pikachu.

Yes, the dialogue and how episodes were shot didn't really do it at times. Don't expect every show to give you a mind-gasm full of awesomeness. There will be episodes you dislike and episodes you like. All series start out bad and admittedly, Pokemon did not always have every great episode at first. Yes, I did very much enjoy when I was younger but I had the mind of a five to six year old. Story, Voice, Dialogue, etc never made a difference to me if in one episode it was good or if in one episode it was bad. It was the general Pokemon World that had my gaze glued to the screen in awe.

I don't really care if people dislike characters or Pokemon. My own view really only matters to me. If you want to tear any of this to shreds, go ahead. If you hate what Pokemon has become, good for you. If you love what it has become, good for you too. Just remember that the Pokemon fan base has grown and that over half the world knows what Pokemon is.
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