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Default Re: RD's Temp Log of PE2Kness

PE2K Battle 9
No Helds
Clauses ON

Fossil Fusion vs Ayotui

Chris: Gyarados, Venusaur, Rhyperior
Ayo: Ninjask, Poliwrath, Tyranitar

Gyarados set up a on Ninjask and killed a switched in Tyranitar, but then got tossed out by Poliwrath. Luckily for Chris, Venusaur came out and killed Poliwrath. A weakened Ninjask was all that Ayo had left, and Rhyperior came in to easily end it.

Chris wins and gets 1k
Ayo loses and gets .5k
I get 1.5k for reffing

PE2K Salary: 14k
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