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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

About Rayquaza Forums:

Rayquaza Forums has been around for 3 years now and has 852 members. I, Rich (A.k.a Rayquaza), am the head admin and founder. I created the forum on April 5th, 2008. I run it with my co-admin and 6 moderators.


Rayquaza Forums has a lot of features,here are some to name a few:

-We have a growing friendly community from all over the world.
-We have a chatbox, which is visible to members only.
-We have a league of 8 gym leaders and Elite 4. Some spots which are still available.
-We are a very competitive site,and are looking to attract more competition.
-We have a lot of tournaments with lots of participants.
-We have active members on a daily basis.

And much more. Overall its a cool forum to hang out and chill. Check it out.

To know more about the site and the features, join Rayquaza Forums.

Direct Link:

Thanks if you join, and have a nice day
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