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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Suzu and Gaia
Dining Hall, Boat

As she watched, the trainer of the Houndour she had tripped over rushed into the room. Suzu began blushing madly at her blunder, and turned her face into the carpet again. How? How will I ever be good enough to become a Ranger? Let alone a detective. I can't be useful if all I do is trip over the Pokemon instead of helping them. I'm sorry Mom and Dad. I don't think I can do it. Tears began falling down Suzu's face as she was thinking about her parents, and she almost missed what the trainer behind her had said.

"I'm sorry, are you alright?" Suzu turned her tear-streaked face towards her, noticing that the Houndour was alright. He appeared to be a little taken back, but other than that he was fine. Suzu nodded and wiped her face, taking the girl's outstretched hand thankfully and dusting herself off. Glancing around, she noticed that Gaia was missing.

"Did you happen to see where my Budew went? I don't see her anywhere...." Suzu trailed off quietly as a group of men and women in black burst into the room and a woman began to demand all their money. Patting herself down, Suzu realized her backpack was still inside a small vent she found near her chair, which left her relieved and still slightly worried.

To her left was a table that had what appeared to be a few other Pokemon trainers. One of them decided to stand up and start threatening the group that had walked in, and as a result they all pulled out guns. Suzu gasped and wrapped her arms around herself, worried for everyone in the room. She still had not found Gaia, and that worried her even more.

"Bud..... dew." Suzu heard the faint call, and her gaze turned towards the woman at the stage. Under the table directly in front of her, Gaia was shaking and staring out at the room. She had seen Suzu, and was reaching her vines toward her. Shaking her head, Suzu motioned very carefully that Gaia was to stay there. She nodded her head, still scared, and scooted back slightly.
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