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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Dining Hall

They pulled out firearms. Pistols. Great. They just proved they were that cowardly. Anybody could shoot a man. However, it also proved that they were indeed in control. Bringing knives to gunfights was a way to get killed, and Avalon didn't even have a knive.

Avalon remained silent, digging through his pockets. Mercifully, not a cent was there-he put all 3000 in the bag. He didn't dare smile, but he smiled inwardly. They were indeed whimps for pulling out guns, they indeed looked ridiculous, and Avalon would prove they were idiots if they didn't search his bag.

Avalon felt sad inwardly too: Why did people kill over strips of paper?

Avalon put his hands up, and so did Scyez. Both looked depressed about losing this one.
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