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Default Tides of Freelance~Nigh Ruin [PG] ~The Fic~

Brought to you by Sabi R.

Rating: PG 13 for violence, mild language, mild blood

Scribbly Notes from Sabi R.:
As anyone who has been to the RP boards before, the title may seem a bit familiar. Tides of Freelance, AKA ToF, was first posted as an RP and it unfortunately died a bit. It was originally a fan fiction idea, however being a role player, wanted to try it out as an RP first. Now, I have decided to put the entirely of ToF into it's originally proposed fan fiction format in it's three part trilogy.

I haven't written actual stories in awhile so I'll do my best to satisfy your literate palette. I enjoy comments and any helpful tips to help my suspense and or actiony sequences.

The story of ToF will include familiar characters I've used in previous RP's before, and some that are new. ToF will follow the stories of four individuals, at first, on their own of which will all cross more than once if not permanently in the RP, so don't get confused if I'm suddenly talking about something completely unrelated to the last chapter.

Pleaes enjoy my stuff and remember, Sabi likes her comments. Feel free to ask or PM me any questions involving the Fic itself, I will certainly get back to you on it. ^^

Chapter 1: Foreshadowing Skies

A jolt from sleep sent the young woman into a dizzy frenzy. As the room span around her, the young dark haired female put her hand against her head firmly, trying to make everything stop rotating. She pulled her blanket from over herself and tried to sit up properly, only to have her head reach a higher state of vertigo.

“The dream...” She whispered. “That one felt so real...”

The young woman felt something warm and smooth push against her face. Turning to see what it was, she found a smile come across her face when her eyes met that of another pair in a deep crimson. Anything else of the beast was not seen in the dark room. The woman smiled and managed to stand up, grabbing her blanket she had left on the floor earlier and pulled it over her head. She tidied her dark hair and patted the bits of gravel off her pants that she had been laying in the past few hours.

“Not much of a bed when your pillow is a tail and your blanket your own sweater...” She commented, brushing the dust and dirt from her clothing. “Still, I’d take your flaming tail over a hotel bed any day Asharas. Just saying ‘good morning Shay’ also does wonders.”

Asharas, stood up, stretching her pair of black and crimson wings and swishing her flaming tail behind her. She had a content smile on her face and nodded at her Trainer’s comment. The large shiny Charizard moved her tail around to show Shay where she had left her bag for the night. Dirt quietly crunched under her shoes and she went to pick up her bag and her Gatsby hat off the ground. All the while the two were listening to the silence, half hoping it would be broken, and half wishing it wouldn’t.

Shay swung her pack onto her back and started walking in the direction she remembered to be the way out. Asharas followed her as quietly as a Pokemon her size could. The Trainer pondered thoughts about the poor state of the cavern, or more specifically, Cerulean Cave. In the past, one of the most restricted area’s in Kanto because the Pokemon inside were very powerful and traveling in such a place alone was not for the faint of heart. Instead of haunting cries of strong Pokemon from distant tunnels echoing along the walls, silence lathered itself over every stone and crevice. Shay remembered from when she was much much younger with her father. It was frightening how short a time the government took control over most of the known world.

It was more than thirteen years ago when the government started to implement laws about Pokemon training, restricting it to those of a certain age with a license. Then it was again, altered to training and battling being completely prohibited, and only simple ownership of Pokemon on a ‘pet’ basis was allowed. The laws started in a select few areas before it began to spread like wild fire. Shay remembered the news broadcasts about protestors at City Hall’s, in town squares, anything and anywhere they could. Then there came men in uniform bearing a very unique insignia, but anyone knew they were special forces. They started to take everyone’s Pokemon away, and arrested anyone they could. No one escaped the first protests, but that didn’t stop more from coming.

Shay stopped when she could see light that wasn’t from Asharas’ flame. She quieted herself even more and began to walk in near unison with the silence. Her Charizard followed. The Trainer was not one to be caught by the special forces, the ones who were called the Enforcing Neutralization Division of Government. Everyone called them ENDoG’s, and that name fit them well in Shay’s mind. The thought of them made her anger burn inside her chest. They were the people who made everything possible for one side, and impossible for the rest.

Once Shay could see the mouth of Cerulean Cave, she stopped and leaned against the stony wall for a moment. Sticking her hand in one of her pack’s side pocket, she pulled out a small radio. She turned the small machine on, set the volume on low, and started turning the dial. Nothing but static could be heard for a few minutes with the occasional high pitched squeal of a dying signal.

“Hmm...nothing so--”

Then there it was. The faint signal os a man speaking. shay listened intently at the sounds, as the signal was weak and not being picked up properly. Shay only made out bits of the message.


Shay didn’t understand the first part, but she could guess what the second one was. Asharas didn’t like the sounds of the last part either. Shay decided it was time to bounce and get on the sky way again. She turned off the radio and stuck it back in her pack, mounting her Charizard in the process. Asharas took a few mighty flaps of her wings to get off the ground and out of the cave mouth, and only a few more to get herself higher into the sky. Shay held herself down to prevent as much drag as she possibly could as the black and crimson creature ascended higher and higher into the sky at a rapid rate.

Soon the pair were at cloud height and Asharas was soaring at her usual cruising speed, of which was rather fast for ‘cruising’. Shay took her backpack off of herself and put it on her Charizard’s front side, using the straps as a set of handles. The old sack was well worn from aerial travel but it still had a ways to go before it was completely rags and stray thread. The girl pulled her hood on over her hat and stuck her arms under the straps, against Asharas’ rotating shoulders. The Pokemon was used to them being there, so much in fact she wasn’t able to fly her fastest without Shay’s arms almost massaging the muscles as they would go into overdrive.

“It’s time we revisited Unova again Asharas. If that message was anything we’re guessing, ENDoG is going to do something that's going to get everyone’s attention.”

The Charizard growled in compliance with a quick turn of her head towards her trainer.

“Yes...we can try to look for the other resisting members...maybe someone has...” Shay trailed of when her train of thought was broken by something. “...whistling...”

Asharas turned back again with a confused and questioning look on her face.

“I hear whistling...”

Shay looked up and only saw a flash that made her impulsively force her elbow down onto her Charizard’s wing to avoid the thing that was whistling. Asharas stumbled a bit before catching herself on her wings again, looking around as to what was going on.


Shay looked down and found a very frustrated Skarmory just a few dozen feet below them, looking for an updraft to be on the same altitude with them. Shay bolted around and found just above the cloud cover, was a flock consisting of a Staraptor, a Fearow, an Aerodactyl, and a very battle scarred Braviary. What made this flock even worse was that they were all mounted.

Asharas didn’t need a memo to make a break for it.

“Damn it to hell...they must of been close enough to trace the radio.” Shay muttered, clinging to the back of her Charizard. “Five of them at once isn’t going to be easy to shake.”

Shay knew that she was going to need some back up on this one as the ENDoG officers called on her to cease and desist to no avail. Asharas kept flying as fast as she would, not giving a chance for the Skarmory to take a second diving run at her. Shay looked back, knowing the odds were against them, especially with that Aerodactyl adamant on closing the space between them. Between trying to move forward and banking suddenly left and right, that was going to happen. Asharas spat hot flames at the Skarmory, showing it no mercy whatsoever despite being unable to hit it directly. Shay knew she wasn’t trying to hit it directly, not yet anyway.

The Trainer and Charizard knew clouds weren’t an option, as they risked an ambush or being cut off. Shay kept looking around in all directions, trying to keep tabs on five different birds. She noticed that the Braviary hung back a bit, giving away the fact he was the head honcho of this squad if not all the scars on his mount. He would be the last thing to worry about.

Shay gripped a Pokeball in her hand tightly and nudged her Charizard in the shoulder. Asharas nodded and roared, charging downward at the pesky Skarmory that was attempting to have his Staraptor friend in on the diving action. Wings tucked in slightly, the Charizard dove down on an angle at the two birds. They easily dodged by moving on either side of the shiny Pokemon, letting her end up right into a cloud. The Fearow saw it’s opportunity and swooped down, looking at the cloud for any dar spot to take aim at. Once it saw the slightest glint, the Fearow’s rider jumped up and onto the nearby Skarmory as the great crane-like avian began to spiral downwards towards Asharas with it’s well known and robust Drill Peck. The cloud spun away as the Fearow met something hard at a glance. He had a satisfied look on his face, coming to a stop to ascend into the sky and watch and see the damage he caused.

What he saw was Asharas making it out of the cloud, unscathed. The Fearow cried out in frustration and found a burning pain in his side. Looking at his plumage, he found pointed stones stuck under the feathers, almost unseen. Soon his mount returned, noticing the damage soon after he was settled, and started puling out the rocks.

“What the hell was that?!”

The Skarmory rider came to seen what was going on as well. “Charizard can’t learn a Stone Edge technique so what did that little bit--”

A flash of blue and green bolted across the back of the sun and into the side of the Skarmory rider. Stumbling a bit, both officers looked around frantically to see what it was.

Turning to follow the path of Shay, was a shiny Flygon, one with a very unamused and rather pissed off look on his face. He had taken some damage from the Drill Peck before, but this Flygon was a persistent and relentless fighter.

“Fyslow, keep any within hearing off.” Shay instructed.

Fyslow nodded and broke off from the formation, diving down into another cloud. Shay kept onto her Charizard, watching for anyone that looked like they were going to try and bomb them again.

The officers in pursuit were clearly unhappy. The one riding the Braviary decided it was time to change tactics.

“Kill the damn renegade if you have to just get her out of the sky.”

Shay didn’t hear that order but getting away was nonetheless a priority. Soon the Aerodactyl was on their tail. It opened it’s great maw, gathering up power in a glistening sphere between it’s fangs. Shay looked back and recognized the attack as Ancient Power. Asharas was nudged once again in a different manner, and immediately shut her wings, dropping a bit and throwing off the aim of the prehistoric beast. Aggitated, it moved quickly, appearing next to Asharas almost immediately and slammed her with his powerful tail. The Charizard growled in pain, diving down a bit more in order to regain balance and some distance.

Looking ready to strike again, it began to dive after Shay, accelerating quickly. Once the Aerodactyl had another Ancient Power attack readied to be fired, it released the attack, though only to be meat with a slam on it’s snout from Fyslow. To the shock of the mount, his aerial ride was returned to his Poke Ball, and the officer was left to plummet towards the ground. Fyslow had a smirk of satisfaction as he dashed away after a successful Dragon Tail attack.

With one less threat in the air, one trying to dive after a falling human, that left two others to focus on. Shay looked around to find Fyslow getting back into their formation again, feeling good about escaping the flying five. Fyslow was content on beating the living daylights out of all these birds and was ready for another round. Shay looked around quickly again to make note of where their pursuer’s were.

‘Aerodactyl was gone for the moment and Fearow went after him, Staraptor and Skarmory are well behind us...wait...where is--’


Everything shook and shay felt everything go wrong. Asharas cried out in pain and started to slow, and fall down by the pull of gravity, along with Shay at her back. Her question she never even finished asking, was answered. Just where Asharas was flying only seconds ago was the bulky Braviary, claws glowing from the aftermath of a Crush Claw attack. Fyslow, who was just behind Shay at the time, stopped, and immediately became infuriated. He summoned up a Stone Edge and rammed himself into the large burgundy eagle, coming into a dive after his trainer.

Shay couldn’t see much pasted the blinding wind as she and her partner fell in gravity’s grip. Asharas fumbled and flapped her wings, trying to regain balance, but the attack did something fierce to her side, and stretching her wings out pained her deeply. Shay held on for dear life, trying to see what was below them. All the young woman saw was glints of blue between her squinted blinking. That only meant one thing: water.

Shay was able to see better looking left and right, and all she saw was more of the same. They were over the ocean. Shay, knowing that any time in that water after falling from a distance like that would severely harm her Charizard, tried to get her to open up her wings. After failed attempts, Shay heard a cry behind her, and turned around to try and see what it was, scanning the clouds with her greyish blue eyes. She became relieved when she saw it was a flash of blue and green.

Fyslow flapped and tucked in to try and gain on his falling companions. Shay knew that any longer and there would be no time to get out of this alive. Shay pulled out her Charizard’s Poke Ball and called her beloved dragon back. With nothing to hold onto but her back pack, Shay knew that the only thing that was left was for Fyslow to catch her. The Flygon made one last push and found his trainer in his small arms. He felt triumphant at his success, though took one look at the ocean below. Knowing he had to brake, Fyslow opened his wings out wide and did his best to try and slow down. Even after what seemed like hours of trying to stop, his speed did not slow by much at all.

Fyslow knew that he could not slow down in time, and Shay awaited the painful greeting of the ocean below.

And it agonized their bodies when it did.
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