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Default Re: RD's Temp Log of PE2Kness

PE2K Battle 8
No Helds
Clauses On

Leader Ash K vs Challenger Morru Magnum

Ash: Kingdra, Charizard, Tyranitar, Haxorus
Morru: Ludicolo, Dragonite, Archeops, Crobat

My dice weren't too kind to Ash at the beginning, freezing Kingdra and letting Dragonite come in. Dragon tail sent it out and brought Ttar out who fell to Superpower. Haxorus came in and KOd him, and then Archeops came out. Another Dragon Tail brought Charizard out who easily died to Stone Edge, even with Defeatist. Haxorus killed Archeops, but then Crobat came in and Hypnotized it, allowing him to finish with a few Acrobatics.

Morru wins and gets 2k, TM Dragon Tail, Legend Badge
Ash K loses and gets 1k
I get 2k for reffing

PE2K Salary: 12.5k
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