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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Spencer Thompson
Hall of Dining

Spencer had just closed his eyes to rest a few moments when he heard a voice nearby. His slightly pointed ears focused on the noise, and he could hear a slight rustling of clothes. "Hey, hi there," the seemingly excitable person said. His voice hinted that he was a young male, and when the blonde opened a single eye he saw that he was right. His new friend was short, skinny, and simply looked like a young teenager. The teen continued, "My name's Avalon, The Riolu on my head is Scyez, and isn't this trip exciting?! Pokemon, Trainers of Pokemon, Gyms, their Leaders, Pokemon Leauge, the Elite 4, the Champion, whatnot I don't know yet, all that stuff! Am I right!" As if an exclamation point to all of this, the teen's Pokemon pet let out a noise.

Michael the Pidgey cooed, jumping onto the ground and staring at the other creature. He seemed to understand his fellow Pokemon and answered in kind, letting out a short series of tweets. Letting the two have fun, Spencer turned his dark eyes to the one called Avalon. "Spencer Thompson," he replied cooly, "and I can't say it's too exciting yet, but I--"

He was cut off by the entrance of the strange group of men and women. They wore hats and black trench coats, proudly looking for all the world to see like total idiots. "But it looks like the excitement level just picked up," he mumbled to his new companion, recalling his small bird companion into his ball. He hid the ball in his pocket, keeping his ace in his pocket.

One of the boys stood up, slamming his hand on his table and making threats. Spencer's new companion chose a totally different tactic, poking and prodding the obviously evil group for whatever reason. In response, the group pulled out guns, further threatening the group of civilians to give up their dough. For just a second the tall adult's eyes narrowed, not yet ready to give up the money he allowed himself to start his adventure. Making his eyes more nonthreatening, he thought 'At least they've shown their hand, now we know what to expect.'

Though to the rest of the world he was simply staring in shock, his mind was traveling forwards at high speeds. As he looked around in mock fear, he was counting the people in the crowd who might join in if it came to rebelling. There was no way to coordinate their attack, but the group wouldn't expect to be jumped, which gave them some form of an upper hand. As his eyes continued looking around his long fingers grabbed himself a stick of gum from his pocket, stripping the wrapped and slipping the sugary stick into his mouth. There was a best time to attack, and Spencer could only hope the others waited for it.

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."
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