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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Dining Hall

Avalon nearly burst out laughing. These people either thought that this was the matrix, or they were idiots, the way they did everything-especially what they wore. Of these two choices, Avalon went with the latter.

As the Orron grunts and their de-facto leader (Avalon assumed the speaker was the de-facto leader) made their threats, and the dude with the other Riolu made his to the Orran grunts, Avalon decided to chime in.

"You look ridiculous in all that, your definatly idiots, and you're all probably whimps at best." Avalon said. "You probably don't even need to break all their bones-Just one'll put 'em in critical care for the rest of their lives, mate." Avalon said to the threatening, Riolu-owning trainer, standing next to him.

"And besides, there's twenty of them, and how many of us? Definatly more than twenty." Avalon added. He was not confident that the people nearby would rally with him, but he could try.
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