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slower than a slowpoke

Joint 10th: gman [Infernape], Ayotui [Rhyperior], Maverick [Lucario] - they get 1.5k [0 PTS]
9th: Reuniclus [The Justice] - gets 2.5k [20 PTS]
8th: Swoobat [Fossil Fusion] - gets 3k [40 PTS]
7th: Swallot [Jesse] - Gets 3.5k [60 PTS]
6th: Meganium [The Justice] - Gets 4k [80 PTS]
5th: Togekiss [Morru Magnum] - Gets 4.5k [90 PTs]
4th: Porygon-Z [Syn] - Gets 5k [130 PTS]
3rd: Dewgong [Derian] - Gets 5.5k [160 PTS]
2nd: Omanyte [Fawkes] - Gets 6k [200 PTS] - Gets Tough Ribbon
1st: Dragonite [Mubz] - Gets 6.5k [240 PTS] - Gets smart ribbon

I get 7k woo

AIM: Politoed Prince

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