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Default Re: RD's Temp Log of PE2Kness

PE2K Battle 2
No Helds
Slp/Frz/OHKO/Eva Clauses ON

Leader Fossil Fusion vs Challenger Fierce Diety

FD: Ninjask, Ditto, Blissey
Chris: Medicham, Alakazam, Starmie

Such a long battle. Ninjask never really got much done, but eventually got par'd. Ditto came in against Medicham, but Pure Power proved to be too much. Eventually it came down to Starmie and Blissey, and in Colo rules, that's not fun. Eventually con and par hax payed off, and Chris got the win.

Chris wins and gets 2k + defends
FD loses and gets 1k
I get 1.5k for reffing

PE2K Salary: 3k

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