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Default RD's Temp Log of PE2Kness

PE2K Battle 1
No Helds
DP Revo
Sanstorm, and it was IMPORTANT
Sleep, Freeze, OHKO Clauses ON

Leader Ayotui vs The Jr Trainer

Ayo: Gliscor, Rhyperior, Cradily
Jr: Scizor, Swampert, [Blaziken]

The battle started out in Ayotui's favor, with Gliscor setting up on Scizor's switchout. Swampert came in and Surfed while Gliscor set up more, and then Baton Passed to Cradily. Swampert threw stones while Cradily killed it, but then Scizor came in, set up SD on a Stone Edge miss, and swept the rest of the team.

Jr gets 2k for winning, already has badge so no prizes
Ayo gets 1k for losing
I get 1.5k for reffing
PE2K Salary: 1.5k

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