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Default Re: Abode of Twilight [RP]

Gatekeeper - Cerberus
Nexen Under City - Tunnel

Anastasia frowned to herself, only paying half attention to what the others were saying. She was very good at paying attention to many things at once, since she had three minds that could focus on something. At the moment she was mainly concerned with the placement of her feet. She got the impression from Ranna that the tunnels could be quite slippery, and the young Gatekeeper didn't feel like taking a fall in this place.

Her bottles and whip-bola jangled as she jumped lightly over a puddle. It was a nice, familiar sound, even though it echoed down the tunnel. She winced, but then figured that their conversations were much louder than the noise she was making and decided that nothing was coming after them. Besides, Ranna would sense any Heartless before they could sneak up on them.

No, I would, Isataxansa protested, her thoughts colored with offense. I could smell the Heartless stink from across the whole city. The crazy bastard here will just laugh and wait for you to get eaten.

Silly Nobody get eaten too. Ranna be free again and then take care of silly Nobody like dog meat.

Anastasia frowned a little at Ranna's word choice and let the two of them bicker to themselves. It would take a lot more than Nexen being invaded for the two of them to stop their usual routine arguing. For once they didn't mind being ignored and Ana could focus on what was happening now as opposed to the voices in her head.

“Rayna...Anya...Anastasia...” she heard Amaya say, her voice dark with worry. Anastasia turned to look at her, her visible eye clearly frowning in concern. “You wouldn’t happen to have an idea of why that masked man wanted to know about the keyblade wielders...because I’m getting a very bad idea as to what it could be.”

The frown only deepened and Anastasia was quite aware of Isa and Ranna suddenly falling silent. "Well, the books only tell the story of the Keyblade wielders..." Anastasia said slowly, picking the words out of her vocabulary crop with care. "And I don't think he would just want to read the book. He wouldn't have threatened us so harshly otherwise....maybe..."

Oh please! He would have gutted all of you like pigs to get what he wanted!

Mmmm. Pig sounds tasty-fleshy-good now.

"Probably not. And something tells me that he wanted to get the book so he could do something to it--"

Stop talking about me as if I don't exist!

But you don't exist! "--and get rid of the Keyblade wielders. If the book disappeared then these three, the heroes of the story--" she waved to Sora, Riku, and Kairi, "--and the other Keyblade wielders would cease to exist, right? Maybe they did something, or the Keyblade did something, that stopped him from achieving his goal. Whatever that may be."

((Agh this is all conversations and arguing whatiswrongwithme?!! ;_; ))
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